Church and Worship

Christ Church and Worship

For God so loved the world,[a] that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16

Lord’s Day Worship
The Church calls Sunday the Lord’s Day and offers worship services each Lord’s Day. It is this Lord’s Day service that the Church values the most.

Significance of Sunday Worship
In true worship, we are renewed, our purpose in life is shown to us, and we are given comfort and encouragement from God. In other words, “worship” is God’s work, God’s work of salvation, and God invites us to come and seek our new and eternal life.

In the church, those who believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior or those who seek the way of salvation in Him gather together at the invitation of God. There, through the preaching of God’s Word and the sacraments, we listen to God’s heart and worship, turning our hearts to God and giving thanks and praise to Him for His loving words and grace.

Participants in Sunday Worship Service
Originally, we cannot stand before a holy God in our original spirit. But only through the atonement of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, are we allowed to stand before him. Furthermore, through the presence of the resurrected Jesus Christ with us, true worship is permitted.

Holy Communion
The sacrament was instituted at the Last Supper when the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified. This ceremony commemorates the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus for us, and is represented by the bread, which represents His crucified broken body, and by the wine, which represents His shed blood. The sacrament is open only to those who have been baptized.

Joy of Worship
Every Sunday, the congregation of the church rejoices in the blessings of the “Sunday Worship Service” as described above. We also try to proclaim this great joy we have received to our neighbors.