Tradition and History

Tradition and History of Koganei Nishinodai Church

Koganei Nishinodai Church has a history dating back to the mid-19th century
The history of Koganei Nishinodai Church dates back to 1859. In that year, James Curtis Hepburn, a Presbyterian Church physician known as “Hebon” in Japan, came to Japan. He was a medical missionary of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. and the founder of the “Hebon romanization” system.
Koganei-Nishinodai Church was founded one hundred years later, in 1956.
The first pastor was Mitsuru Watanabe, and Pastor Shinnosuke Miyamoto succeeded him. After Pastor Miyamoto retired, Pastors Makito Tanaka , Shinichi Terada , Tsuguo Kawasaki , Hideo Takeda , Hiroshi Aoto and Utako Aoto pastored the church. Which was then taken over by current Pastors Riichiro Isobe and Kiyoko Isobe .

Koganei Nishinodai Church is  constantly being reformed by the Word of God
The church is not something that stays in one place or time. Churches are being renewed and reformed by hearing the Word of the Bible and by God’s Word. Koganei Nishinodai Church is a church that is always being born again.
Koganei Nishinodai Church is a Presbyterian church.

Koganei Nishinodai Church is a Presbyterian church.
Koganei Nishinodai Church is governed by elders chosen by the will of God. This church is a member of the Eastern United Presbyterian Association of the Christian Church in Japan.
The Eastern United Presbyterian Association is centered in Tokyo and cooperates with each other in evangelistic activities.