Weddings /Funerals

Weddings and Funerals

Hold your wedding in a church. It is not a fashion.
In principle, our church is open to Christians.
However, we would like to give as much consideration as possible to non-Christians as well.
We vow our marriage in front of God. Please join our church service and think about it.

A Christian wedding takes place in the presence of God and in a form of worship.
The Bible is read, sermons are preached, and hymns are sung. Before God, the man and woman who are to be married commit themselves to leaving their parents, leaving their homes, and forming a new family community.
If we learn and know about this God and are led from there to a Christian wedding, it will be a true Christian wedding that will not end in style.。

The funeral service is also held in the form of worship before God. The Bible is read and words of comfort are preached from the events of the crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, reminding us that death is not the end of our existence. Thanksgiving and praise are offered to the Lord God who has guided us through life and death.
This is why Christian funerals are filled with comfort and thanksgiving as well as sorrow for burying the dead.
We not only grieve the reality of death, the decay of the body, but we also believe in the resurrection of the whole person in a new body at the Last Day, so that we can recognize each other. It is an event similar to the resurrection of Christ.