Pastor Self Introduction

Pastor Self Introduction

In April 2019, we ( the members of the church ) welcomed the following two people as pastors of Koganei Nishinodai Church.

Riichiro Isobe
  In April 2019, I was invited to Koganei Nishinodai Church as a pastor (a teaching elder) with my partner Kiyoko Isobe.  What a blessing !  I am so much filled with gratitude and joy to be able to share and study the Bible Word with sisters and brothers of the Church, as well as the Diocese of West Tokyo in the United Church of Christ in Japan.

I was born in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, and grew up not only worshipping Buddha through Rinzai-Zen(dhyana) at Kenchouji Temple, but also training physically and mentally by Judo in Kamakuragakuen school days.  Departing for Tokyo, I met a Christian who showed me the only true God on the Cross.  I was baptized at the age of 21.  I aspired to know more and more about the Divine Revelation of God, so studied Christian doctrine and liturgy at Tokyo Union Theological Seminary (master’s degree).  After graduation from the seminary, entered the church ministry of the United Church of Christ in Japan. I served 6 churches in the dioceses of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, and Kyushu, now I serve as the pastor in Nishinodai Church in the diocese of West Tokyo.
In addition, knowing deeper human beings especially more about the brain, I studied developmental psychology, pedagogy and special needs education at Wakayama University (master’s degree), and neuropsychology and linguistics at Osaka City University (doctoral course).  In serving the church, I had the good chance to come in Christian education and to teach the Bible in Christian schools such as Meijigakuin University, Shoei Girls’ Junior and Senior High School, Seigakuin Boys’ Junior and Senior High School, Yokosukagakuin Junior and Senior High School, Seiwagakuin Junior and Senior High School, Kwassui Women’ University, as well as in several kindergartens. Still now, I participate in the Bible education at Seiwagakuin.
I can’t do anything on my own, keeping many mistakes, but thanks to the compassion and help of God and people around me, I manage to walk by faith.

I have heard that Koganei Nishinodai Church is one of the churches that are working on church formation based on the model of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. I am aware of blessedness of working together in missionary work of the evangelical faith of the Reformation.

Kiyoko Isobe
I was born and raised in Tokyo, downtown along the Sumida River.   I was baptized at the age of 17 and became a Christian. After working in the personnel department of Mitsubishi Bank, I received God’s calling and his will for devotion, and then studied again at Tokyo Union Theological Seminary. After marriage with Riichiro Isobe, I have served God in evangelism and pastoral care together with him in those churches that he was invited as a pastor.

I have many shortcomings, but I have managed to serve the church with support of many people under God’s deep love and mercy.  I am just thankful to God and people in the church.  With the strict heart, I wish to serve God and the church. I am so much grateful to be added to the congregation of the churches belong to the diocese of West Tokyo.  I will continue to unite my heart with everyone and strive for missionary work.